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Marriage Counselling Sydney NS | Couples Counselling

Struggling with marriage or partner issues? Couples counselling session with the help of a professional marriage counsellor are only a phone call away - O'Brien Counselling Services in Sydney Nova Scotia at 902-371-3018 |

When couples seek professional counselling services, they usually have been living with partner issues for a long period of time and really don't know how to go about solving them.

Talk about living in a rut. Most couples experiencing marriage issues tend to be locked in a conflict that gradually erodes their closeness and feelings for one another.

Couples will grow apart if the conflicts are not addressed and dealt with. Some may want to avoid dealing with marriage problems altogether and end up eventually not communicating at all. It becomes increasingly difficult for married couples or partners to find ways to work their problems out. This is where the help of a marriage counsellor comes in!

Marriage Counselling

Disagreements in a marriage are quite normal but when a couple doesn’t have a way to tackle a disagreement or argument constructively, the marriage or partnership will suffer.

Conflicts tend to escalate when a solution can not be found and neither part will back down. This cycle of negative behavior will eventually permanently damage the love couples have for each other and can outweigh the reason they are together in the first place.

Negative patterns emerge such as emotional stress, anger, fear, blame, sarcasm, put-downs, withdrawal, sexual issues and , jealousy. At this point the love and caring has disappeared from the relationship and partners will make a move to get out of the marriage.

Next comes confusion, depression, extra-marital affairs, health problems and often violence. General unhappiness becomes the norm and now the relationship ceases to exist.

Seek Out Therapy

After the relationship becomes a problem and both sides are no longer willing to talk it out, the help of a couples counsellor is imminent. Therapy can provide not only a helpful safe environment to try to work things out to see if the relationship is worth saving, but an effective course of action at rebuilding what was once a strong union.

Successful therapy sessions for any marriage or partnership in trouble will address any and all problems that have contributed to the breakdown in communication first and foremost between the couple.

This can be a difficult task of rebuilding trust and putting a marriage back together, but if both partners are willing yo try, it can be done. Relationships that are saved through the use of professional counselling services end up being stronger and achieve a level of satisfaction and honesty that they possibly never had before.

Initial Couples Counselling Sessions

Initial couples counselling sessions involve having having the couples talk with each during the first session about what was troubling them in the first place that led to the current state.

The couples counsellor will work with each partner helping them to think constructively in order to work things out. Taking ownership of at least half of the problem and not becoming defensive during upcoming discussions is a start at repairing any relationship.

The goal for the counsellor is to avoid any escalation during discussions in the initial phase of the marriage counselling sessions. Understanding the other partner and having empathy is all part of the rebuilding process. It is crucial that couples find common ground in order to open new dimensions in their relationship.

Common Marriage Problems

Common marriage problems include feeling that your concerns are personally ignored and all too often dismissed.

As a result anger arises and both partners start speaking loudly and not listening to what the other partner has to say. An argument occurs and issues then tend to get knocked around and around with nothing ever getting solved. A feeling that the other partner uninterested on anything they have to say, and at this state the argument escalates until no one is communicating.

As the marriage counsellor works together with the couple, together small to bigger issues are explored and solved, one at a time.

For many couples, feeling understood is very important at getting back together and forgiving one another. You must forgive in order to move forward. The couples counsellor will often suggest future sessions in order to keep building a strong lasting relationship.

Couples will no doubt find that only a few sessions are enough to get them back on track, while others may require possibly a dozen sessions or more to become a successful loving couple once again.

Booking a Marriage Counselling Session

A marriage counsellor never wants to see a partnership end in separate or divorce.

To book a marriage or couples counselling session please call O'Brien Counselling Services in Sydney Nova Scotia at 902-371-3018 |


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