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Feeling Angry is Part of Life

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Feeling angry from time to time is just a part of life, but feeling angry all the time can lead to depression and other issues.

If you are feeling sad, scared, and stressed out all the time that can certainly lead to anger issues. If you find that get short-tempered and irritable every day then that could be related to some sort of depression.

What should you do when you feel angry?

Well counting (slowly) to 100 is a common method of lowering your blood pressure and allowing your heart rate a chance to return to normal. As time passes you will find that your anger diminishes, and you will begin to feel less angry. This may not work for everyone but by getting away from the situation that made you angry in the first place is a great first step.

Another way of dealing with anger is by talking with family and friends. If you still feel depressed and angry after talking with someone, then it may be time to seek out the help of a professional counsellor in Cape Breton. Treatment for depression may often lessen anger so there is no sense in dealing with anger, depression and PTSD issues on your own.

Severe Anxiety

If you are currently suffering with severe anxiety help from a therapist in Sydney NS is only a phone call away - Kelly O'Brien Counselling |902-371-3018

Get the support of a professional counsellor in Cape Breton
Professional counsellor in Cape Breton

You may not be able to attend a social event or hang out in a group. You may not be able to even leave your home without feeling extremely anxious, sweating palms and a feeling you are going to take a panic attack. You may also find that you put off things off on a regular basis. Severe anxiety is debilitating and leave you with the inability to even function at all. You are isolated and alone and need help.

Don't hesitate to reach out to a professional counsellor in Cape Breton. It may be the first step on the road to recovery. Don't wait, counselling sessions are private and no one will find out, if that is something that you are concerned about. The bottom line is receiving the help you need before it becomes worse.

The Counselling Process

The process of counselling adults or adolescents begins through the use of different psychotherapy and patient collaborative treatment measures that can eventually help create life-changing habits to help deal with all of life’s pressures.

Check out one of the top local therapists in Cape Breton - Kelly O'Brien Counselling Sydney Nova Scotia - 902-371-3018

O'Brien Counseling in Sydney NS are a private one-on-one family counselling services that invite you to come into their comfortable environment to have a chat about your current situation.

Have you ever felt depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed by a stressful situation? Then you are certainly not alone. In the past year alone O'Brien Conselling Services have found that no less than one in five adults will personally experience a mental health issue. Most do not know how to deal with it or realize that there are professional mental health therapists out there that can help.

Seek out professional counselling services in Sydney NS or anywhere else in Cape Breton for any number of stressful issues like the following:

  • career counselling

  • student counselling

  • life stress counselling

  • relationship counselling

  • depression counselling

  • PTSD counselling

  • anxiety counselling

O'Brien Counselling Services in Sydney are only a phone call away - 902-371-3018 so call and setup a counselling appointment today!

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